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What’s Involved With Legal Secretary Training?

Posted on June 8, 2019 in Uncategorized

To be the best legal secretary you can be, you need to obtain the right training before even applying for a job. Legal secretary training can be accomplished at a community college or at a technical school. You can also sometimes get on-the-job training if your employer is willing to take the time to accommodate your training needs. The skills you acquire through education will make your job more desirable for potential employers or even for your current employer.

Because legal secretaries are responsible for preparing legal documents such as discovery requests and subpoenas, it is essential that they have the knowledge and training necessary to do a thorough job. They must file all legal papers in a timely and efficient manner. When dealing with legal proceedings, there is no room for error. Not will you perform routine clerical tasks, you will also sets up appointments, bills clients, manages legal files and makes necessary travel arrangements. You may also be asked to help in researching legal journals and assist with organizing legal documents for trial. In order to perform efficiently, it is absolutely essential that a legal secretary has the educational tools to do the job. These tools are acquired through either a formal training course or, at least, via on-the-job training.

Becoming a legal secretary does not require a specific educational agenda. However, it is advantageous for you to obtain a two-year associate’s degree or at least complete a short legal secretary course. Most employers today look favorably at applicants who have some educational experience in their background. Law courses generally include programs that focus on law office practices, computer skills, legal terminology and state and federal law. Having knowledge of these skill areas makes it more likely that you will be called in for an interview after you have submitted your application.

Training is something that you need to have if you want to have a better chance of landing a job in the legal field. Potential employers generally want their employees to come equipped with the right education so that the initial training period will be less costly for them. Increase your chances of being hired by signing up today for a legal secretary course at a school near you.

National Association of Legal Assistants – Maximize Your Potential

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The national association of legal assistants is an organization that will maximize your career potential in the legal field. The terms legal assistants and paralegal are interchangeable. Regardless of which term you use to describe your profession, a membership to a national organization will benefit your career goals. This organization will provide networking tools, continuing education and valuable information concerning the legal field. A membership or affiliation with such an organization will give you a professional edge when seeking employment. It will also demonstrate your commitment to your chosen field. This association is recognized in every legal community in the United States.

Joining the national association of legal assistants is quick and easy. Simply go online and download the application. Read the membership requirements which will determine whether you can join as an active, associate or student member. The fee for an active member is $125, an associate member is $100, and a student may join for a membership fee of $50. This is a small price to pay to be part of a professional organization that will benefit and help advance your career.

The national association provides dozens of continuing education courses to maintain your certification or to broaden your knowledge and skills. In addition, they conduct seminars and professional conferences, which provide a phenomenal opportunity to network and become involved with your community. They provide many seminars that provide valuable information to develop your skills and expertise.

The legal field is constantly changing as laws change. To keep up with the changing legal environment, you will need to invest time in continuing education courses. The National Association is a gateway to numerous courses. You can choose many in the area of the law in which your already work or additional courses in areas of the law you would like to learn more about. The courses are convenient as most are self-study and many are available online. This is a great way to track your continuing education requirements if you are a certified legal assistant.

If you are not yet certified, National Association of Legal Assistants has the certification requirements and information available. You can apply for certification; obtain study materials and sign up for the certification exam through the National Association web page. If you are already certified, you have an opportunity to participate in an advanced certification. This will give you a leading edge in your career and create opportunities for advancement.

One of the best methods of advancing your career is hard work and a demonstrated commitment to your chosen field. By becoming an active member of a professional association, you will demonstrate your passion for your field. It will provide you many opportunities for social interactions with other legal professionals. This is a fantastic way to learn and share career tips. In addition, it will provide you with up to date knowledge on how your field is developing. Joining the National Association of Legal Assistants is simple and easy.


Continuing Education For Paralegals Expands Career Options

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In today’s cultural environment, where the legal profession is ripe with activity and cases involving every field from medicine to commercial construction, attorneys simply cannot do without their legal assistants, popularly known as paralegals. While paralegals cannot give advice directly to clients, represent them in court, establish fees or sign court documents, the list of what they can do is impressive. Moreover, while many paralegals currently have either 2-year associate’s or 4-year bachelor’s degrees and/or paralegal certification, there is no doubt that those with paralegal certification and a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies or any related field, such as criminal justice, have the most career options. Accordingly, employment in the field often leads to continuing education for paralegals so that they may become certified or enhance their degree status.

Certification generally involves passing an examination and possessing at least a year of working experience. College courses for credit towards a more advanced degree, on the other hand, include such special areas as litigation and trial practice, criminal law and procedure, real property, personal injury, and business organizations. Then too, courses are offered in domestic relations as well as trusts, wills, and estate administration, with bankruptcy, and administrative law being others of importance. As many law firms have special areas of practice and require their lawyers to seek continuing education, it is unsurprising that many also reward paralegals who do the same. Not only is teamwork enhanced, but the pursuit of additional knowledge is becoming more and more necessary for those involved in legal careers.

Often beset with heavy case loads, lawyers do not have the time to do everything necessary to prepare for cases themselves. Thus, they turn to paralegals to assist them, particularly in the resolution of lawsuits. Good legal preparation in connection with a lawsuit involves thorough investigation regarding facts of a case. Clients and witnesses must also be interviewed, pleadings drafted, and deposition notices, subpoenas, motions, and briefs issued, to say nothing of organization and management of files, documents, and exhibits. All of these are tasks for paralegals, and the more experience they have, also credits from continuing education, the more tasks they are likely to be given. In direct correlation, their salaries generally reflect the amount and depth of the tasks they routinely perform.

As paralegals may assist during hearings, arbitration, mediation, even closings, and trials, it is understandable why a continuing education course in litigation and trial practice, for instance, would serve them well. Such a course provides in-depth coverage of the litigation process from pre-suit investigation to the final, or appeal, stage. With emphasis on not only the lawyer’s role, but also the duties that are likely to be delegated to a competent legal assistant, it is clearly the kind of continuing education that benefits paralegals, rendering them more valuable to their employer. Similarly, pursuing advancement through courses in specific fields, such as bankruptcy or contracts, would be advantageous too, as these are important facets of most law firms today regardless of size.

Of note too, paralegals may work for other than law firms; they are often employed by government agencies or legal departments of corporations, for example, where elements of law must be understood and followed, often communicated. Clearly, a wide open field with many opportunities, CNN Money, online home of Fortune and Money magazines, ranked the paralegal’s job as one of the 20 best in the U.S. today. As legal fees continue to rise, paralegals are likely to become even more in demand for those tasks once only able to be carried out by higher priced attorneys.

Thus, continuing education for paralegals is likely to yield many positive outcomes, broadening knowledge to add to the excellent organizational, communication, research and writing skills that make up the profession’s foundation. With so many job options to explore, any additional education is well worth pursuing for those whose intent is to shine brightly in the paralegal field.