Is Diet Support the Key to Weight Loss?

Hey you know what they say about every successful man having a smart woman making his decisions?

Well whether you buy into that theory or not there’s something to be said for someone supporting you in life. And the exact same thing goes for diets.

Weight loss can be difficult and to lose the weight and keep it off takes work, dedication and support. Now if you’re reading this I’m betting that you have an interest in losing weight so why not think about making life a little easier for yourself and find a support buddy.

Support can come from friends, family, work colleagues or even some type of online diet community. The thing is you want someone there who can keep you semi accountable and prop you up when you feel down.

Here’s why.

Regardless of our circumstances we have grown up with certain behavioral traits. When I say that I mean we routines, we like to do things in a certain way, we like to eat certain foods, we like to do things that feel good.

Now even though those traits have served us well, when we try to change things that we are naturally inclined to do, it takes work. It’s like we’re going against the grain. And you know what, most of us would rather avoid hard work if we had the choice. It’s a pleasure and pain thing.

When we choose to lose weight we can see the pleasure of what it will be like to look and feel good and we’re oblivious to the pain and discipline it takes to shed the pounds. But then, when we’re in the middle of a stenuous exercise program or feeling hungry guess what happens?

That’s right, all of a sudden those old traits want to kick in. We can see the pleasure of eating the piece of cake or sitting down and not exercising being far more attractive.  And we all have a library of excuses as to why it’s okay to stop.

And that’s why we need a support buddy. There not supposed to yell at us or poke us with a stick to get us moving again but they’re great for reminding us of the pleasures of how we will feel and look when we lose weight.

We need to understand that there’s a constant battle between pleasure and pain.

Old traits are pleasurable and new traits especially when they are associated with hard work are painful. Support from friends and family are ideal and if you keep yourself aware of the old traits kicking in you’ll have a much better chance of reaching any goals you set for yourself. Weight loss included.

The people at Your Diet Support have an online support program so if you need someone to keep you accountable, or even someone to share advice then you should visit their site.