Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs – How to Profit With Affiliate Marketing

Internet marketing affiliate programs have been around for years and there are quite a few people that make a 6 figure income with them. There are also thousands of people who have tried and failed miserably at making money with Internet marketing affiliate programs.

So what separates these two groups of people? How come one person can tap into Internet marketing affiliate programs and prosper, and another person tries and comes up empty. Frustrated after hours of work and hundreds of dollars spent, they leave the Internet Marketing dream and give up. Well like most things in life it’s usually pretty simple. The old adages about the golden ticket and the magic bullet don’t fly here either.

Affiliate Marketing Fact #1 Every affiliate program is not created equal. Anyone who has researched affiliate programs for any period of time will tell you that some product creators have fabulous support programs with great tools, sales pages and support. Others have products that might be very good, but the support is terrible.

Just because you can write or code or train dogs, doesn’t mean you know how to market a product. Without a solid marketing “engine” behind the affiliate product, you have no chance. You have to research your product and make sure it “fits” your messaging and has a good set of tools and support behind it.

Affiliate Marketing Fact #2 Keyword research around your affiliate program is critical. You can actually take a product that is marketed by thousands of people and be successful selling it if you set up a well researched and targeted campaign with the proper niche and long tail keyword research.

Trying to sell Weight Watchers programs by building content around “how to lose weight’ will run you out of the affiliate program business real fast.

Affiliate Marketing Fact #3 You can’t write one article and a couple of blog posts and expect people to come flocking to your offer. The Internet is a BIG place. There is a lot of content out there competing for everyone’s attention.

The people that I know that make big money with Internet marketing affiliate programs, have written hundreds if not thousands of articles and own tens if not hundreds of other websites and web pages. The real message here is that you have to do the work. All the heavy hitters have toiled and sweated for long hours writing articles. posting articles, participating in forums and building sites, just to name a few tactics.

The reason you see all those “I was living in a gutter just six months ago and now I live in Tahiti with my own manservant” quotes out there is that the real honest successful affiliate marketers really have gone from one extreme to the other.

But they didn’t do it overnight. They did it by doing hard work everyday for awhile until they “got it” and then they were smart enough to invest a good bit back into leverage and momentum. Software, outsourcing and staff to build on their work.

Internet marketing affiliate programs are a solid business practice. You just have to go in with your eyes wide open. Come on, how many lottery tickets actually pay off?

The great news is that once you get those first few sales and some momentum, things can get really exciting really fast.