Finding Support After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a step towards changing one’s life for the better. It can either be an easy decision to go forth with it, or a scary one. This is why it is very important to have support to help before the surgery, afterwards, and through all the lifestyle challenges once the healing process begins. No one wants to be alone and not have anyone to listen to their fears and struggles. They need to be able to discuss their journey and get encouragement in some form of support.

Having support from family and friends should be the easiest form. When deciding on whether to have Bariatric surgery your family and friends may either be very supportive with your decision or against it. If they are not supportive it could be over fear. They may not know all the facts of weight-loss surgery and feel it is too risky for you to go through. A good way to change their feelings is by taking the time to talk with them about why they feel this way and inform them of the aspects of the surgery and why you are leaning to go forth with it. Hopefully by doing this, they will understand that even though it is a major surgery and there are risks, the benefits are greater since it will lessen your chance of medical illnesses, and make help you achieve a healthy life.

Support groups ran by Bariatric programs is another way to cope through the entire weight-losing journey. The programs are often times ran and moderated by a healthcare professional such as a dietician or psychologist. It is a great way to get support since they consist of other people who have the same goals as you, and will understand what you are going through. Even through struggles they can lend their support which will help you get through challenging times.

With the internet becoming more and more popular, online support groups can be found. It is very convenient to turn on the computer and access online support groups that understand what you are going through. You’ll be able to make new friends and read their stories and encouragement. Since it is online, there are things to be watchful of. Some people will complain endlessly on the support group which can have a negative effect and should be avoided. It is best to meet people who are positive. There sometimes will be people who claim to be experts who are not, so their words should not be taken seriously as a real expert.

Fortunately, your journey through weight-loss surgery does not have to be alone. You can have your family and friends to share your challenges and accomplishments with, join a support group where you go to meetings with fellow people in your situation, or log online and write and read for support. You could even do all of the options! Having the adequate support will give you the boost you need to stay focused and achieve your weight-loss dreams.