Is the Million Mail Program For Real?

If you have been looking for real home based business, you are not alone. Many people are looking for simple programs they can implement from home to make an extra income. The problem is finding anything that will pay real dividends that does not involve scamming others out of their hard-earned money. One of the many online opportunities you might consider is the Million Mail Program. This is a proven business with three years under their belt to prove it. There is a huge potential for profit in mailing programs. There are a few things you want to watch for when it comes to a direct mailing program however and here are a few of the most common issues.

Start Up

What is it going to cost you to start your home based business? Some opportunities today sound fantastic until you calculate the start up costs. You will find plans online that require both an upfront payment and recurring subscription fees to be a part of their program, this is not ideal. When you need to make money you want to be able to put as much of your earnings in your pocket as possible and invest time in growing the business and not worrying about paying all these fees. Another thing to look for before starting a home based business is the conversion rates a program currently enjoys, the better the program converts the quicker you can make back your start up and start earning real money. For instance, the Million Mail program converts at a rate of about 1 in 14, which is not bad at all.

Online/ Offline

To maximize your potential earnings with your home based business it is important that you can operate both online and offline. Many people are tired of virtual “products” and completely internet based programs. This is another area where a mailing program can differ from a lot of the opportunities out there. In the best of circumstances, you will find a home based business opportunity that allows you to operate both online and offline as well as providing an actual product. Look for a program that offers you support on both of these fronts, a good online support program will offer you capture pages, auto responders and more in the way of marketing support. If they offer continuing support and training at no cost, you have a real winner on your hands.


No one is a born marketer, there are skills and techniques that you must learn and a successful training program is one that you can use with your current home based business and any other business pursuit you choose. The training program that comes with business opportunities like MMP are powerful and universal, which means you could apply the techniques to other business pursuits. You can use their mailing lists and post card techniques can translate into many business opportunities.

Getting Started with Work at Home

If you have to spend hours upon hours trying to convince someone to participate in your home based business you are not likely to make much if any money. A good program takes the work out of it and allows you to sit back and watch the methods work in your favor. The best work from home programs provide a fun atmosphere you can enjoy and time to get pleasure from your life. These types of programs are hard to come by, but if you look hard, enough you will find the perfect work from home business.

Schemes, Scams and Frauds

It does not take very long at all on the internet to find millions of scams, schemes and frauds aimed at taking your money. These programs will leave you high and dry or be so difficult to earn back your start up that you simply chunk it and look for the next opportunity. Avoid cash gifting programs, MLM or any scheme like them; many of these are downright illegal!


Finally, do not buy into the idea that you will never have to work for your earnings. There is no such thing as getting rich over night you will need drive, commitment and an open mind to make your home based business work. This is not to say you will be working your fingers to the bone, but you will have to put some effort into the process. When considering home based businesses find the program that offers you support, tools and the potential for making some real money!

Rules Of Addiction Support Groups

There are many ways to beat alcoholism from medication, hypnotherapy and even with the help of addiction support groups. However, a lot of alcoholics always seek for support groups for help. There’s nothing wrong with that since joining the group that you are free to share your experience and your struggles being an alcoholic can ease your burden.

What’s with this program and why many addicts prefer to attend one of them? There are lots of benefits in attending support groups along with your medication or therapy. The addiction support groups have their own rules to cater for the needs of alcoholics sensitively. One of the rules of addiction support program is to maintain confidentiality. In other words, being a member of support groups you are required to remain anonymous both inside and outside the meetings. The members should not talk about the meetings and the people they meet. Because of this, attending any addiction support groups is absolutely safe, especially if you wanted to be sober without compromising your identity.

Another rule being observed in addiction support program is to respect one another. Each member should respect his or her fellow alcoholics to avoid any hassle. Moreover, any member can continually communicate with other alcoholics through exchanging phone numbers to encourage one another during hard times.

One of the best rules of addiction support program that is worth mentioning is participation. All members can participate and interact during the meetings. However, once the member is not ready to talk, he or she’s not forced to do so. With that, you can still attend the meeting by listening to someone’s experience, that can help you on how to deal your own problem. There are no specific rules in sharing during discussion meetings plus anyone can share that comes to their mind as long as it is relevant.

For the first timers, they are commonly spoken about their names or identification, they can also open up what they are doing on their life and what brought them to join addiction support programs. Perhaps, the main purpose of the introduction is to get acquainted with other members.

To find the support groups that you will be comfortable with, you have to know first the rules of addiction support groups. If you want to beat alcoholism anonymously, then better to ask if it is included on their rules. Don’t forget also to ask what type of meeting it is, attending meetings would be easier for you once it suits your lifestyles and your needs.

Courses in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

One realises the importance of logistics only after knowing what it means to your business when delayed deliveries of raw materials result in frequent downtime and the consequent loss of production. It is the same case when your customers start complaining that their ordered goods do not reach them as promised.

Regardless of whether you are a buyer or a seller, your interest is in delivery of your order and not in the promises made to you. A seller is worth as much as his/her uninterrupted procedures and delivering as promised.

If you have to deliver quality service, you need to know the industry norms, which is easy if you undergo a professional logistics course. While there are many courses in supply chain management and logistics available online as well as regular MBA in logistics, it is imperative that you do the right course from a reputable business school.

If you aspire for a career as a logistics manager in a manufacturing organization or a third party logistics provider, you may try a postgraduate college that offers regular MBA (Logistics). If you have a job or own a business that involves a fair amount of shipping, you may opt for a general course such as a weekend MBA logistics course.

There are immense opportunities in the field of supply chain management. Logistics is a fast growing industry. Practically every business needs to manage logistics, for which purpose it either hires a logistics manager or outsource it to a service provider. If you do a postgraduate logistics course, you can expect to get job in any of the manufacturing or retailing companies or with a service provider. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit in you, you may even pursue a career in operational management or become a logistics service provider yourself.

The fact is that efficient logistics add value to an organization. If you have any doubts, then you may want to know why logistics is rated so high. Efficient logistics and supply chain management is instrumental in lowering transportation costs, increasing cash flows and reducing inventory cost. Logistics is the ability of an organization to deliver the right quantity of the right thing at the right place in the right condition and at the right price.

Production logistics is a logistic process that ensures that each machine or workstation is provided with the right item at the right time and in the right quantity. Logistics management, on the other hand, is a component of supply chain management, which is management of a network of interconnected businesses participating in the process of providing a product or service required by the end user.

This is the age of information where every industry is developing new strategies to seize market share, the persons involved in logistics management are finding it difficult to live up to the new standards being set. A diploma in logistics from a reputable business school makes it is easy for the person in charge of a company’s logistics to perform his/her duties in a responsible manner.

Successful Bulimia Treatments – Support Groups

For any problem or disorder that any of us face, one of the greatest hurdles to getting help with bulimia is that feeling of isolation. We end up feeling that we are the only ones undergoing our trauma, facing our demons and doing what we are to our bodies. Not so! There are so many others who have gone through much of the same stuff that you now battle and whatever their chosen bulimia treatments were, they without a doubt had a support group, person or helping hand along the way.

Support, in any form or medium, can improve healing and make for a longer lasting and more effective recovery from eating disorders. You will spend a lot of time in recovery “going it alone” because that’s just how life is. Bulimia support groups, support forums, the powerful banding together of disparate individuals having the same aim of recovery can be a tremendously effective part of your bulimia treatments and recovery. Yet, finding your way to a bulimia chat room, offline support group or just working with a friend in recovery will definitely make the journey a brighter one.

Let’s discuss a few of the many options you have:

Online or Offline – Are you more comfortable with online forums and groups because you retain a significant degree of anonymity until you are comfortable enough to reveal and share more of yourself? Or do you prefer the direct contact and the one-on-one interaction that an offline or in-person group can offer? Support groups whether online or offline will reduce your feeling of isolation and make you feel part of a whole giving you a sense of community, belonging and kinship. The other members can give you valuable insights because they have had a similar journey as you. You can learn from their mistakes, get valuable tips and recovery advice. You will finally be in a group of likeminded souls and could even make new friends.

Social Networking Sites – Social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and so on, are today so much a part of how we interact with others that it seems a natural extension of this that they could form a part of overall bulimia treatments. These are informal and relaxed groups that could be a non-threatening and comfortable place to hang out. The great thing about social networking groups for bulimia is the fact that you don’t need to participate if you don’t want to. The same is true of most groups – participate and engage only to the extent that you yourself are comfortable with.

Consider the many, many support groups relating to bulimia that users have formed on Facebook alone – courageous individuals who are magnanimous enough to share their own story to help others! Without saying a word or voicing your own opinions, you can still obtain valuable insight into the way that others are handling and overcoming their eating disorder. This can be of comfort and encouragement in a very friendly and relaxed environment.

Overeaters Anonymous – This is an offline support group that formed decades ago out of the Alcoholics Anonymous model and follows the same 12 Step Program as AA except food replaces alcohol as the drug of choice. The aim of the group is to support each other as the members go through the 12 Steps at their own pace. The program helps people address issues of emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing along their recovery journey. Overeaters Anonymous is for all types of eating disorders including bulimia, anorexia, compulsive overeating or any variety of addiction where food is the crutch. Meetings take place all across the United States and schedules are available from their website at I can’t say enough good things about the people I’ve met at these groups.

Form your own group – Many us feel uncomfortable about connecting online or with strangers, preferring the visible contact of people in-person. Perhaps you find there are no professional groups or support programs in your neighborhood. The website is a great resource not just for bulimia treatments, but also help of all other types that you may need. They even offer step-by-step instructions about how to go about forming a support group, how to let others know about it and what should be your agenda once your group is formed.